Best hairstyles for women's face type/Don't be fooled by the hair stylist
07.03.2021 | wignee | BLOGS

Many girls like to toss their hair. They often go to the salon once every two weeks, and change which hairstyle the idol changes. But different face shapes correspond to different hairstyles, choose the right hairstyle for fairies, and choose the wrong hairstyle for ugly.When choosing a hairstyle or wig, facial features should be considered comprehensively. Only when you fully understand this knowledge and paired with a special wig can you show different charm.Choosing the right one has the effect of modification. Choosing the wrong one simply exposes the shortcomings of the face~ So what hairstyle is suitable for different faces? Take a look! How do girls choose a hairstyle based on their face shape? Don't be fooled by the hairstylist

Many women consider a problem when they wear wigs or design hairstyles. That's why other people's hairstyles are very good-looking, but their own hairstyles are not as good as others. In fact, every woman can become very beautiful. As long as you have a clear understanding of your face shape, do you want to know what face shape you belong to? Keep reading

Everyone's face shape is generally divided into seven types: cone, oval, almond, round, oblong, square, and diamond. Among them, oval is the most ideal face shape. It’s easy to judge your face shape, show your forehead, compare it with the picture

What Is Your Face Shape?

The most important parts of determining your face shape are your jawline, forehead, and how long your face is. You can figure out your face shape by asking yourself the following questions, such as “Do I have a strong or edged jawline?” “Is my forehead wide or small?” But do remember we can have many features of several face shapes, so you just need to find the one that is closest to your face shape.

You can opt for some specific hair weaves or wigs that have styles, such as curly bundles, body wave weaves to upgrade your looks and flatter your face shape.


Cone type:

A cone face features a wide forehead but a narrow jawline, which differentiate from the square face. You can use bangs or loose curls to conceal some parts of your forehead and keep the edge of your cheekbones. Or you can just opt for a bob wig or pixie cut to show the characteristics of your face.

 Oval Face

The most even and ideal face shape, commonly known as melon seed face. The characteristic is that the forehead and the cheekbones are basically the same width, and at the same time slightly wider than the lower jaw, the face width is about two-thirds of the face length. It is the best face shape in the traditional aesthetic perspective. If you have an oval face, it is simply a gift from God, the legendary wild face. If you have an exquisite oval face, you can cut any hairstyle you want. A beautiful face must be capricious, changing the way it is beautiful.

 Oblong Face

The long face type is suitable for curling the hair. Curly hair can shorten the length of the hair visually. It can also be used to modify the face shape and make the curvature of the face softer. It is also more suitable for oblique bangs or high ponytails. Oblique bangs can visually divide the face into two parts without making the face look longer, while the high ponytail will divert attention from the face

Diamond Face

The cheekbones are the widest part of the face, the forehead and jaw are narrow, and the face looks narrower and sharper.

The diamond-shaped face has a sharp forehead, and the fluffy shape widens the visual effect, which can make the diamond-shaped face a lot softer


 Square Face

The width of the forehead, cheekbones, and mandibular angle are basically the same, with sharp edges and corners, and the facial contours are wide and short, lacking a sense of beauty and femininity.

Suitable for: Multi-layered hairstyles or curly hair, mid-point, diagonal split

Not suitable for: Qi bangs, Qi short hair

Round face

The width of the forehead, cheekbones, and mandibular angle are basically the same, and the edges and corners are round and plump, like a baby. The facial contours are wide and round, which makes people feel naive and distrustful.

Suitable hairstyle: short hair without bangs, medium long hair, long hair

Almond face

Pear shaped face

The triangular face has a narrow forehead and a wide lower jaw, presenting a triangle with a small upper part and a larger lower part, lacking a sense of femininity.

Suitable for hairstyles with square cheeks on both sides, such as middle part, short hair with cheeks etc.

You are probably wondering what is the best face shape. Well, every face shape has its feature and everyone is pretty in their own way. The secret is that you should choose the right make-up, hairstyles, or some accessories to match the best part of your facial features.