How to choose the density of wigs
09.06.2021 | Wignee official website | BLOGS

I am really sure about one thing, the most important point of choosing one wig is that it looks very real when wearing, and others factors are easy to be Neglected, In fact, there are many elements to take into considerate like Curvature, color, net cap, breathable, density and so on.  i will introduce one element- density , don't neglect it

Wig density---simply interpretation, is the mount of hair in An area, generally 80%-180% density wigs are easy to be found, and it's also desirable for those whose hair is sparse,but the wigs density is higher, the price is more expensive. meanwhile, Poor air permeability。

According to age, the hair density is decline as age grows, so when choosing a wig, we must take density into considerate,  according to report, the people who is 60 years  and more suitable for  80% density wig, the range of age is between 50 and 60, 90%-120% density wigs are a better choice. When the age is between 30-50 years old. 130%-150% density wig is better , and 150%-180% wig prefer to fit the age below 30 year old

Age  Density
over 60  80%
50-60 90%-120%
30-50 120%-150%
under 30 150%-180%

Of course, these data is just a reference,  it may not be suitable for everyone

In wignee, all wigs are of 150% density. Of course, we can also produce wigs of different densities according to customers’ preferences.We are committed to let every buyer and subscriber get better service and choose their own suitable products


Bob Wig for 30-50 years , 150 density