Three Misunderstandings of Scalp Health Care
08.16.2022 | Wignee official website | BLOGS

Modern people are paying more and more attention to a healthy lifestyle, and scalp health care cannot be ignored. The following scalp health care is closely related to the health of the hair and cannot be sloppy.


Misunderstanding 1: The scalp is hidden in it and others can’t see it, so it’s okay.

In fact, the scalp is the weakest part of the entire body, its thickness is only 1/50 of the thickest part of human skin, second only to human skin. The skin around the eyes and lips. In addition, it is covered by a large amount of hair and has poor air permeability. Every day, ultraviolet radiation and other pollution slowly corrode it. It is more fragile than other parts of the human body and needs our careful care. At the same time, the secretion cycle of scalp oil glands is faster and more vigorous than facial skin, which provides favorable conditions for the survival and reproduction of bacteria. Therefore, only the necessary maintenance of the scalp can maintain the health of the scalp.


Myth 2: Just a bottle of multifunctional shampoo can solve all scalp problems.

In fact, only by choosing a variety of targeted professional care products can we solve different scalp problems. The structure of the scalp is the same as human skin. Just like skin care, when there are different skin problems, we cannot solve them in the same way. Therefore, for different problems such as oil production, dandruff, hair loss, scalp sensitivity and aging, we need to fundamentally choose a variety of targeted care products to eliminate the problems one by one, otherwise the problem will not be solved, and it may even be counterproductive.

Myth 3: Scalp health care can solve scalp problems immediately.

Like facial skin care, scalp care is also a gradual and long-lasting process. Many people say "it works once."

Most effective "scalp care products" are at the expense of scalp health. They are too irritating to the active ingredients of the scalp. Not only can they not effectively solve the fundamental problem, but they also have a profound harm to the health of the scalp. Therefore, in daily care products, nutritious shampoos and healthy natural formulas that do not contain silicone oil should be used. As a product that can care for the scalp, it is gentle and irritating. It uses a lot of natural plant extracts instead of chemical ingredients. At the same time, its active ingredients can penetrate deep into the scalp, gradually solve scalp problems, and make the scalp healthy.


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